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Barbarian, meet Dragon
Graphical interface with Big 3D tiles (MS-DOS Allegro interface)
Tourist and Her Cat
Graphical interface with Big tiles
Zapping a Mega-Fireball
Graphical interface with Small tiles
Samurai #chatting with His Quest nemesis
Traditional tty interface
|What's This?|

From the land before 3DFX, before VGA graphics and DOOM, before the IBM PC, way back in the dark ages of Unixland, there was a game. They called it Rogue. People played it, and found it good. From this basis, Hack was born. Soon Hack became Nethack, because it was developed by many people (and has nothing to do with hacking the internet). And people played this on many machines, from Unices to Macs to PCs, due to the amazing power of Open Source Code.

But the DevTeam, the reclusive masterminds of Nethack, are a rather quiet bunch, gracing the world with new versions as they see fit, and when they see fit. Which is usually a new version every good number of years.

And there was much gnashing of teeth.

But because of the Freely Available Source Code Phenomenon, people began making their own versions of Nethack to tide themselves between magical releases.

SLASH'EM is the (continuing) saga of one such variant...

This is the homepage for Warren Cheung's modification and experiment in computer engineering based on the 3.3.1 release of Nethack, combining Tom Proudfoot's SLASH and the Larry Stewart-Zerba's Wizard Patch. From these humble beginnings, a not insignificant number of further changes have been added.


Saturday, December 30, 2006

SLASH'EM 0.0.7E7F3 (stable) and 0.0.8E0F1 (devel)

Version 0.0.7E7F3 is the third stable release of Slash'EM Vampire.

Binaries are available for MS-Windows, Fedora Core and OS/2.

Other binaries will follow in due course.

See the stable page for details.

Version 0.0.8E0F1 is the second alpha release of Slash'EM 0.0.8 (not named yet).

See the development page for details.

Yesterdays news

Visit the news archives.

Slash'EM in the news

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Nethack/SLASH'EM Sites

Window interfaces

  • Gtk+ Hack: The GTK windowing interface from Slash'EM Vampire now a package in its own right. Supports playing games across the network.
  • Palm OS: A TTY only port to the Tapwave Zodiac.

Roguelike Links

The Competition

  • ADOM: Ancient Domains Of Mystery. A very popular roguelike, maintained by Thomas Biskup.
  • Thangorodrim: Home of Zangband and other Angband variants, as well as other information on Angband.


  • MinGW The native Microsoft Windows port of gcc, used in the MS-Windows port of Slash'EM.
  • DJ Delorie's DJGPP Homepage The Freeware C compiler environment used for the DOS port of Slash'EM. Also holds links to the DJGPP (read DOS) ports of many GNU Unix utilities held on the many SimTel mirror sites.
|Site Help|

What is This: Description of SLASH'EM. Find out a bit of the history of SLASH'EM, and what the game is about.

What's New: News about SLASH'EM. The most recent developments and information is posted here.

Development: Files, Mailing List, Forums, CVS Repository, Bug reports, etc. If you're looking for binary releases, the source code, want to submit a bug, join a mailing list or discuss the game

News Archives: Old news is migrated here.

Links: Related projects and other associated webpages.

Slash'EM development team,

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